Mod «Psysight» for Rimworld (v1.3)


Simple mod adding a hediff for Psysight, which any blind Psycaster can have, the main goal of this was to be compatible with Vanilla Psycasts Expanded so it can handle whatever level range you want for the growth of this ability and whatever buff you want per level in that range.

By default the range is levels 1-20, adding a 10% buff to sight for every level (reaching a total of 200% at level 20 for those that failed Maths).


Not aware of any incompatible mods aside from probably ones doing the same thing in a different way.


If you have an issue to report you MUST include a HugsLib log (Ctrl+F12) or I can't help in most cases.


Can you add a feature/setting to do what I want?

Does this really require Vanilla Psycasts Expanded?
Technically? No. However the default values are set up for it, and the main bonuses over other existing blind psychic sight mods is that it can support the increased level counts VPE allows. So no, but it's highly recommended or you'll have to change the settings to handle the measly 6 vanilla psylink levels.

VPE came out last night, how is this available already??
I could say it's because I'm on the VE testing server, but it's really just a small mod.

Why doesn't this require Ideology too?
Pawns can be blinded in a number of ways, this is not exclusive to Ideology. However having Ideology will make it a lot easier to blind them intentionally and for them to be happy about it. The meme in that also provides a buff which can stack with this.

Can I add this mid-save?
Probably. On you if anything breaks though.

Do I have to restart the game for settings to update?
Nope! You should be able to change settings on the fly and it'll update to compensate.

You're just piggybacking off of VE success!
DUH! I'd be mad not to.


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