Mod «VFE Mechanoids - Makeshift Robots» for Rimworld (v1.3)

VFE Mechanoids - Makeshift Robots

VFE Mechanoids add-on that adds makeshift robots, mainly for the earlier stages of the game. I was doing single pawn runs and noticed that almost all automation comes very late into the game. I wanted to make a mod that would help me automate cleaning, hauling and construction for the early game as well. I am not planning on expanding this mod all that much since I don't want to automate harder tasks, but these 3 tasks can be automated quite early into the game now.

All 4 of the robots are very slow, consume a decent amount of electricity so you can't just spam them, especially in the early game, and they are rather bad at their work, meaning slow working speed overall. Regardless, this mod makes things easier of course. The bots can be made after a new research added in vanilla expanded tab, optionally you can also buy it from certain traders. It is rather hard to buy many of them through traders though, as I specifically made them rather expensive for how useful they are.


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