Mod «TNO-GFL: Prelude to Change» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.1 - 1.12.10)

TNO-GFL: Prelude to Change

The year was 2062, before everything changed...

World War III had ravaged the world, countries fell, millions died, the world became hell on earth. In the ashes of it all, many nations and factions arose, among them Griffin and Kryuger, The KCCO, Sangvis Ferri, and Paradeus.

These factions from another world, another timeline, now find themselves in 1962. Stuck in Russia these strangers from the future must navigate a turbulent period in history, and fight for their very survival. These new factions bring change just by existing and with them, wholly new weapons with which this world can destroy itself.

Can this new world survive the sins and folly of another? Or will they too, fall underneath a collapse-fluid colored sky?

"The New Order-Girls' Frontline: Prelude to Change" (TNO-GFL) is the Demo for the official TNO Submod, "TNO-GFL: To Defy Destiny". This demo contains a small taste of the full submod, including:

  • A new warlord state, Griffin and Kryuger, a security consultant company from 2062.
  • The ability to buy and then use T-Dolls in your Divisions.
  • Custom Research for Dolls to help make them even more powerful.
  • Content all the way to 1965 in Warlord Russia
  • A Brand new ideology, Rossartrism, a strange ideology from the future.
  • A bunch of unique tech GFX for Griffin and Kryuger only.

Required: The New Order: Last Days of Europe

File info

  • Added by: TOP-Mods
  • Author: HS1san
  • Mod version: 05.02.23
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 81.9 mb
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