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Matrix Rimloaded

Matrix Rimloaded aims to add the Matrix movie experience to Rimworld. It was my first idea for a mod and Vanilla Psycasts Expanded made it possible. With this mod you will be able to recreate classical scenes featuring Neo, Morpheus and Trinity. You will dodge bullets, jump across the map, take flight, fist fight with superhuman speed and more.

Matrix Rimloaded adds 1 psycast path called “Anomaly” and 8 new polished abilities with 2 or possibly 3 more coming soon. It adds a new way to teach colonists skills and resurrect them.

Everything is kept in a vanilla style and is intended to be as balanced as possible. If you have any ideas on how to improve the balance of this mod, please let me know down in the comments.

All abilities are inspired by Matrix movie series. The only two that you won’t see in the movies are implosion and telekinesis. I am working on them, but it is a tricky task.

Skill hack ability works like a never-ending skilltrainer so it gives much less experience points per use and the cooldown is eight days. I think that's fairly balanced.

Bullet dodge allows you to dodge all incoming projectiles including missiles and mortar shells.
Near-Invulnerability slows the caster dramatically, so it nicely mixes with the superhuman speed ability.

I find it extremely satisfying to enable autocast on all of them and watch my pawn take down armies of enemies while jumping, attacking rapidly and dodging everything except for melee assaults.

Of course, for balancing reasons, some of the abilities last very little, and the famous bullet dodge, for example, lasts only one in game hour.


  • Fixes and improvements

Version 27.08.22 for Rimworld (v1.3)


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  • Author: Ushankas
  • Mod version: 09.09.22
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