Mod «Saddle-up! (Giddy-up QoL)» for Rimworld (v1.3)

Saddle-up! (Giddy-up QoL)

A simple QoL Giddy-up add-on that adds command to mount selected group of drafted pawns (instead of one-by-one) to nearby mountable animals (remove any animals yourself in giddy-up mod options if you don't want pawns to start mounting cows or pigs).

Useful for when you have mounted knights or a monglian horde to manage. Will prioritize and restrict pawns to mounting animal with themselves assigned as master if possible.

Advice: Use shift-key action queue to get them regrouped at a single spot after mounting if all the mounts are spread out. Changing the default keybinding would also probably make it easier.


  • Giddy-up! Core

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