Mod «Biome Transitions» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)

Biome Transitions

This is an add-on for Geological Landforms that generates maps with multiple biomes.

For example, if you settle on a Temperate Forest world tile that has some Desert adjacent to it, then one side of your map will have some Desert terrain, plants and animals.

Or, if you find a lonely Rainforest tile surrounded by Arid Shrubland, then you will get a nice little jungle area in the middle of your map.

  • Plants will grow based on the biome at their position on the map
  • Animals will be able wander in from the adjacent biomes
  • Can I get more than two biomes on the same map?
    Yes, if you settle on a world tile with multiple different biomes adjacent to it. Theoretically you can get up to 7 biomes on one map, but that will be extremely rare to find.
  • How do temperature and weather work on maps with multiple biomes?
    Temperature and weather are determined by the properties of the world tile (the values in the "Terrain" tab of the planet map). At the border of two biomes, that will usually be around the average temperature you would expect for a transition zone between those biomes.
  • Can I safely add or remove this mod from existing saves?
    It can safely be added at any time, existing colony maps will not be affected, only newly generated ones. Removing is also fine, but any active maps with multiple biomes will revert to only having their main biome for plant and animal spawning.

The mod requires: Geological Landforms.

  • Support for RimWorld 1.4 is in early beta. Please report errors and other issues.

Version 31.05.22 for Rimworld (v1.3)



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  • Added by: NeoRider
  • Author: m00nl1ght
  • Mod version: 09.10.2022
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 0.8 mb
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