Mod «Vanilla Chemfuel Expanded» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)

Vanilla Chemfuel Expanded

Player can now connect any refuelable chemfuel-powered structures to the pipe network to make sure everything refuels automatically.

Vanilla Chemfuel Expanded is a small mod created to showcase what the new Pipe network code is capable of in Vanilla Expanded framework. It adds a simple chain to extract Deepchem from the underground pockets and refine it into Chemfuel. It also adds storage solutions for both Deepchem and standard chemfuel, alongside a few structures including a Refinery and Chemfuel tap.

A: Can I add it mid-playthrough to an existing save?
A: Yes, definitely.

Q: Does this work with Combat Extended?
A: Yes.

Q: How do I find Deepchem?
A: Pockets of deepchem appear when scanning using the ground-penetrating scanner.

Q: Can I use deepchem instead of chemfuel?
A: No, deepchem slurry is way too thick. You need to refine it into chemfuel using refineries.

Q: Does it work with any mod adding oil/refining/pipes?
A: Yes, it does!

Q: Why tho, Rimefeller is super cool!
A: Agreed, but it also adds plastic and stuff I don’t like. On top of that, as I said above, we made our own pipe code that any modder can use! This mod is a vanilla-friendly proof of concept what our code can do. You are still allowed to like Rimefeller, hell, I love it myself.

The mod requires: 

  • Quadrupled the amount of Chemfuel and Deepchem that can be stored in the tanks.

21.10.22 (1.3-1.4)


07.07.22 (1.3)


24.05.22 (1.3)


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