Mod «ReGrowth Remastered: Core» for Rimworld (v1.2 - 1.3)

ReGrowth Remastered: Core

ReGrowth Remastered: Core is both a content mod and a small framework, aiming to overhaul and improve on Rimworlds vanilla biomes, add new and unique features and biomes, replace many of the vanilla plant textures with HD ones and, in combination with its companion mods, add new plants that fit perfectly into the vanilla artstyle. On top of that, it adds a lot of new weather types, many with custom visual effects to spice up your game.

ReGrowth is, at its core, a mod deeply influenced by the philosophy of the Vanilla Expanded Series. Everything it adds fits into Vanilla Rimworld. Every system (like for example new terrain) is designed to mimic how similar vanilla systems work while also being as friendly to your games performance as possible. NOTHING in this mod will absolutely tank your FPS and the few features that do cost some performance are optional.

This mod is the Core, which is a requirement for all other ReGrowth mods. Please note the new terrain will only be seen in new biomes that use them, not in vanilla biomes.

This mod is as lightweight as possible, adding the minimum of code required and every bit of code written has performance in mind!

Here is an overview over everything the Core adds and changes. Please read this carefully to fully understand what you are adding to your game.

There are also some misc changes, which are made in favour of realism, QoL improvements or eye candy:

  • Realistic Plant density in all vanilla biomes:
    Your maps will now look lusher, without going overboard with the amount of plants that will grow.
  • Rain now washes away most filth types.
  • Most filthy types now disappear by themselves after a certain time.
  • Animal herd migration:
    Has been enabled again for nearly all biomes.
  • Cactuses no longer give wood:
    Now they give you food, which is realistic. This will not reduce the amount of wood you have available on desert maps, as the plant density changes will balance this change out.

Here you can find a list of all mods that have patches already included in the mod:

  • RimJobWorld (yes, really!)
  • Vanilla Fishing Expanded
  • [WD] Realistic Darkness
  • [WD] Realistic Darkness (Light)

You should NOT use this mod with the following mod, since they do the same or at least similar things:

  • Herd Migration Revival
  • SF [v1.0] Rain Removes All Filth
  • Real Dark n Deadly Dense Forests
  • Animated Marsh


  • Harmony
  • Vanilla Expanded Framework

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