Mod «March of the Archocubes» for Rimworld (v1.4)

March of the Archocubes

A custom faction of archonoids which is selectable at game start, and it's hidden. The faction is made up of 3 different archobeasts which will raid you like mechanoids, but only after 50 days have passed. The archonoids use powerful quantum-foam weapons that scrape the fluctuations in the quantum-foam to fire powerful skipshots that are capable of skipping anything in the blast radius to a far away place. These weapons are extremely lethal, but by killing the archonoids and harvesting them you can make your own versions, much sleeker and more ergonomic, to hold back the archonoid menace.

What else??

Archocompound and vanometric cores which you can use to craft the 4 iconic archotech artifacts and even your own version of vanometric power cells which are more volatile, but hey, free energy.
All of this is part of a single research project named "Archosynthesizing" placed right above "Starflight Basics."

Is this balanced?

Roughly. The archonoids and their weapons are a lot stronger than conventional weapons and mechanoids, I recommend getting some more powerful dakka to deal with these invaders (something like my Impact Weapons.)
Although this rough balancing goes both ways, as the man-made quantum weapons are an incredible late-game set of weapons and are probably the most OP guns I've made so far.

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