Mod «Outer Rim - Droid Depot» for Rimworld (v1.4)

Outer Rim - Droid Depot

This Outer Rim series module adds droids and droid related items, buildings and more. This module will also add droids to various other modules if they are both active.

Currently Included Droids:

  • MSE Repair Droid
  • FX-7 Medical Droid
  • GNK Power Droid
  • B1 Battle Droid
  • B2 Super Battle Droid
  • Muckraker Crab Droid
  • KX Security Droid
  • HK Assassin Droid
  • DUM Pit Droid
  • R-Series Astromech
  • BX Commando Droid
  • Tactical Droid
  • Super Tactical Droid
  • Protocol Droid
  • IG-100 Magnaguard Droid
  • B1A Advanced Battle Droid

More will come in future, this is just the start.

Other Features:

  • Recolourable - Droids can be recoloured, with one or two channels depending on the droid, just select them and you'll see up to two gizmos for choosing the colours.
  • Droid Factory - Production building for crafting droids
  • Restraint Bolts - Applied to droids to prevent escape if they are slaves and prevent misbehaviour of droids with behavioural traits.
  • Restoration Kits - Used on 'dead' droids to reactivate them and repair already 'living' droids.
  • Data Spikes - Used on downed enemy droids to convert them to your faction.
  • Replacement Parts - Bionic equivalents for droids, they come in three tiers.
  • Droid Armour - Apparel items worn by humanoid droids, they have no visual change but provide stats.
  • Droid Equipment - Various equipment used by humanoid droids like wrist blasters, jetpacks or shields.
  • Orbital Trader - New trader kind that can show up in orbit, trading various droid related goodies as well as selling droids themselves.
Outer Rim - Core

28.11.23 (1.4)


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