Mod «Rim-Hivers!» for Rimworld (v1.2 - 1.4)


Rimhivers is a lightweight mod (no new apparel, no new weapons, no special race-oriented stuff, just happy little bug-men) that tries its best to blend a new race seamlessly into the vanilla setting, it adds a new race known as the "Hivers" to the game, a sub-race of insect like humanoids that have found their way off their hostile home-world, and into the stars. The race itself originates from the game "Kenshi" by Lo-Fi games.
The types of hivers overall have their own weaknesses and respective strengths, compared to humans they are all weaker, cheaper, and overall need to play off of each-other to survive; promoting a playstyle that utilises large numbers; quite like your own digital ant-nest. (Though they also fit in with a colony of humans, and can fill in their niche work gap pretty well!)

Hivers are granted a few bonuses: they all have 50% toxic sensitivity, they eat slightly less, they don't mind eating raw or awful meals, most of them don't mind sleeping in barracks, they move a bit faster, they have slightly lowered physic sensitivity, they are slightly more tolerant towards the heat, and each type of hiver has a specific work speed/yield bonus for what type of labor they specialise in, ie. worker drones are great at plantwork & mining, but not crafting or construction.

And all hivers suffer a few weaknesses: hivers are generally weak, they have have slightly shorter lifespans, they have fewer and weaker body parts/limbs, they have slightly less tolerance towards the cold, and finally each type of hiver is limited in certain types of headwear, namely soldiers due to their funky head shapes - though to make up for this soldier drones have a small amount of natural armor.

This mod adds two new factions, The Civil-Hive & The Savage-Hive - the civil hivers are a more trade oriented people, while the dreaded savage hivers are militaristic in nature.
The mod also adds hiver specific backstories depending on if they've been exiled or not, a plethora of unique names, and a few other small details!
This mod also adds one last special type of hiver; The queen - every ingame month she can lay an egg that can hatch into an entire hiver colonist making for a self sustaining hiver colony, though you will need to find a queen of your own somehow..

RequiresHumanoid Alien Races

29.10.22 (1.2-1.4)


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