Mod «Obsidia Expansion» for Rimworld (v1.2 - 1.4)

Obsidia Expansion

The main innovation of the mod is the Obsidian Empire faction, from the planet Obsidia of the same name (the faction is initially hostile). New research is being opened on Obsidian technologies, their equipment, weapons, etc. There is an opportunity to extract new resources.
The armament of the Obsidian Empire is divided into 4 main corps:

  • OMC - Obsidian Military Corps - Use weak but rapid-fire weapons. They are dressed in standard medium power armor.
  • OTC - Obsidia Technical Corps - Use energy weapons of toxic, cryo, EMP and fire elements. They are dressed in light power armor with good protection from harmful influence.
  • OCC - The Obsidian Crusader Corps- Use slow-moving weapons with explosive cartridges. They are dressed in perfectly protected heavy power armor.
  • OEC - Noble Obsidian Corps - Use universal armor-piercing weapons, small arms equipped with a blade for close combat. They are dressed in light power armor designed for psi casters.

The clans of the Wanderers of Obsidia (or simply ODC), who rejected the Empire of Obsidia. Divided into 3 main factions:

  • Obsidia Syndicate Clan - The changes are sudden, violent and necessary for the planet to return to a state of growth. The Obsidian Syndicate clan consider themselves to be just an instrument of this change. Their goal is to raid and loot their more productive neighbors.
  • The Obsidian Renegade Clan-They swore to protect what little was left of the free colonies. Their goal is to restore order by bringing prosperity and direction to a cruel world.
  • The Obsidian Pilgrim Clan - They represent the cold vacuum of space, heartless and eager to take away everything that was left unprotected. Driven by profit. Their goal is to enrich themselves through trade with high—tech neighbors.

And also, the ancient and dangerous Cult of the Scarlet Arachne!

In general, the mod adds:

  • Factions: 5
  • Power Armor: 64
  • Power Armor Helmet: 37
  • Weapons: 218
  • Synchro Weapons: 136
  • Equipment: 18
  • Flora: 9
  • Fauna: 8
  • Mechanoids: 9
  • Resources: 35
  • Drugs: 8
  • Scenarios: 3
  • Research tree, various buildings, workbenches, etc.

  • Royalty DLC
  • Ideology DLC
  • Biotech DLC
  • Vanilla Expanded Framework
  • Vanilla Armour Expanded
  • Vanilla Outposts Expanded
  • Vanilla Genetics Expanded
  • Save Our Ship 2
  • Mines
  • A Dog Said... Animal Prosthetics
  • SeedsPlease
  • Enable Oversized Weapons

31.10.22 (1.2-1.4)


30.10.22 (1.2-1.4)


File info

  • Added by: Den Martin
  • Author: Lored
  • Mod version: 30.01.23
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 70.0 mb
  • Source: Go to
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