Hungry Slimes for Teardown

Hungry Slimes

Hungry Slimes will eat anything, until there is nothing left!

Ever dreamed of leading your own army of Slimes? Wait no more, get yours today! Well, they won't really obey you anyway... But they will certainly help your clean all those pesky debris, or vehicles, or buildings, or cities...

- Hungry Slimes: You can throw hungry Slimes.

- [LeftClick]: Throw Slimes in front of you.
- [L]: Kill half of the Slimes.
- [K]: Kill all the Slimes.
- [M]: Tap to reduce max Slimes on map.
- [M]: Hold to reset max Slimes on map.
- [O]: Open options menu.

- Slimes will stick to any surface.
- Slimes will attempt to eat any destructible material near them.
- After eating enough food, a slime will duplicate itself.
- A slime that tried to eat but found no food will die.
- If the surface where a Slime is attached breaks, they will jump to the closest surface.
- The Slimes as a group can be compared to a fire burning anything or some sticky acid liquid.

- Slimes may fail to eat correctly when near unbreakable material (This is less noticeable when Food for Duplication is set to 1)
- Slimes will lag your game a lot if they multiply too much (see Performance tab).
- Slimes do lag a lot when eating large free-floating objects.
- I did open a discussion to request some features for the modding API that could help optimize the code of this mod a lot :)

Version 20.01.23 for Teardown

  • Added an option to make slimes copy the color of the object they stick to.


Version 26.11.22 for Teardown

  • Update


Version 12.10.22 for Teardown


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