Mod «Movable RV w/ Interior!» for Rimworld (v1.2 - 1.5)

Movable RV w/ Interior!

A movable RV with interior!

Finally get to live like a nomad! Or like Heisenberg! Or like Indiana Jones!


  • Complete low-tech RV overhaul of the Pocket Dimensions mod.
  • Rename your RVs, open vents to equalize temperatures, use hoppers to automatically transfer items, use batteries to transfer electricity, have multiple RVs, move your RVs, etc. (Base Pocket Dimension features.)
  • An 'RV Nomads' starting scenario for quick nomadic start.


  • Can not be driven with Vehicle Framework, only minified and relocated. Just imagine you're driving it while relocating!
  • Interior is square, exterior is rectangular. You can manually fill the interior with layers of walls to make it as rectangular as you want.
  • ALL contents are lost on RV destruction! Raiders will target RVs, so don't hide! Also don't put RVs into RVs, both will collapse.
  • Pawns don't path in and out on their own.

Requires: Pocket Dimensions

File info

  • Added by: Den Martin
  • Author: Enrico
  • Mod version: 13.04.24
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 0.3 mb
  • Source: Go to
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Realy cool mod