Mod «Outland - Motz Coalition» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)

Outland - Motz Coalition

Outland is my series of Medieval/Fantasy mods designed to eventually turn RimWorld into a totally viable fantasy game. More modules will be added over time based around specific themes and factions, see the collection linked above for what modules are currently available.

This expansion module for Outland adds the Motz Coalition faction along with plenty of craftable weapons and apparel specific to them, and even an animal to go with them. The faction is a race of Motz using heavy inspiration from ancient Greece as their culture.

For a general compatibility list see Outland - Core, since it's a requirement this has the same compatibility list.

Otherwise I am not aware of any incompatibilities.

I recommend checking out the collection linked at the top of the description for the listing of Outland modules currently available, no point in me listing them all here and having to update the description every time one comes out (which I would absolutely forget to do).

I have done a decent amount of testing myself, but things will of course slip through the gaps. So...

If you have an issue to report you MUST include a HugsLib log (Ctrl+F12) or I can't help in most cases.

Frankly you lot are terrible for never coming back with one when asked after the fact so I just don't bother to respond most of the time if you don't include one right away, it's in the description right here in big text, I shouldn't need to repeat myself.

  • Will you add [whatever thing]?
    I don't respond to these questions here. It's a perk of being a Patreon to get answers to that, along with previews long before they're done.

  • When will we get [insert module]?
    I don't do public release dates, clearly I have trouble sticking to them so best I only disappoint myself.

  • I have this great idea, will you do all the work?
    Kark no! While you think your idea is great or even necessary, I make what I want, not what you want.

  • Can you add a setting to change [something]?
    No. If it's not already a setting, I won't add it on request.

  • Why not do [random content] as a standalone?
    Because I don't want to. All the reason I need.

  • How long has it taken to do all this by yourself?
    The series started serious development around mid 2021, actual time on this module is unknown.

  • Fantasy Vehicles?!
    The Vehicles framework isn't even out of beta yet. Don't bother asking, I won't respond.

  • Can this disable tech that doesn't fit for the setting?
    Not yet! But it is something I'm working on, a module specifically for converting or removing anything from vanilla to make sense as part of the medieval/fantasy theme.

  • Can I disable spawning of them in vanilla factions or change the spawn rate?
    Yes! You can do both things in the Tabula Rasa settings, it handles the spawning of my races nowadays and you can do both of those things very easily in it.

- Neronix17 - Art, XML & C#.
- The creators of the used frameworks for those.

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

Required mods:


14.08.22 (1.3)


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