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ESCP - Sload

An emotionless race of slug-like creatures. The Sload are despised by almost everyone due to their tendency towards necromancy. Though Sload soap is a highly used commodity, even given its origins.

Sload are rather intelligent, though physically they are extremely cumbersome, and somewhat hideous. Most clothes will not fit them, which is fine, as Sload don't care. And they are unable to wield certain weapons, such as bows and greatswords.

Sload make for fantastic researchers and scholars, however they are quite frankly awful at everything else.

Stat differences compared to a regular human:

  • Increased market value, offset in game by being absolutely hideous.
  • Greatly decreased movement speed.
  • Moderate innate blunt armour.
  • Slight innate sharp armour.
  • Greatly increased psychic sensitivity.
  • Massively increased immunity gain speed.
  • Greatly increased injury healing factor
  • Greatly increased global learning factor.
  • Greatly increased drug synthesis speed.
  • Greatly increased research speed.
  • Greatly decreased toxic sensitivity.
  • Decreased base hunger rate.
  • Greatly decreased social impact.
  • Greatly decreased general labour speed.
  • Greatly decreased global work speed.
  • Massively decreased beauty.
  • Decreased rest rate multiplier.
  • Increased filth rate.
  • Decreased royal favour value.
  • Increased swimming speed.*

*Requires SwimmingKit or Biomes! Islands.


  • Sload have effectively non-existent emotional capacity, preventing them from having most thoughts. This doesn't mean they are permanently happy.
  • Sload are unable to receive inspirations.
  • Sload are unable to have several traits, both vanilla and modded.
  • Sload are unable to wear most apparel, and are instead limited to wearing sload specific apparel.
  • Sload are unable to wield two-handed equipment.
  • Sload are naturally immune to several diseases.
  • Sload are able to turn corpses into thralls.
  • Sloads use minimalistic and morbid mediation.
  • Sloads occasionally produce Sload Grubs, which can be turned into soap.
  • Sload may have, and can gain, enhanced control over thralls and the Thrassian Plague.
  • People just kind of hate Sloads.
Sload Thralls:

Sload are able to puppeteer fresh corpses, turning them into thralls. The number of thralls a single Sload can have is based on the sloads intellectual skill, requiring a minimum of 6 intellectual to create thralls. Thralls are permanently linked to their Sload master, and will die if their master is downed or killed.

The use of thralls allow Sloads to overcome their greatest weaknesses.


  • Sload thralls have no needs. Unless you use Rim of Magic, in which case thralls still have energy and mana needs.
  • Sload thralls have no emotions, and no thoughts.
  • Sload thralls are naturally immune to several diseases.
  • Sload pawn thralls experience no skill decay, but will not level up any skills.
  • Sload animal thralls experience no training decay, but can no longer be trained.
  • Sload animal thralls are draftable.
  • Sload thralls can no longer receive inspirations.
  • Sload thralls can no longer reproduce.
  • Sload thralls can no longer produce resources (milk, wool, etc.).
  • Sload thralls can't be sold.
  • Sload thralls have fancy purple names.
Sload Factions:

This mod includes the kingdom faction, as well as support for Industrial Factions, adding in a corporation faction.

Settlement preference:

  • Sload factions prefer to settle near water.


  • Sload factions don't raid, and will instead spread the Thrassian Plague.
  • Sload factions have unique traders, all of which are willing to purchase fresh corpses.
  • [ideo] Most factions will dislike, or in some cases hate, Sload factions. This does mean you'll end up hostile with most factions if you play a Sload faction.
Thrassian Plague:

An infectious disease created by the Sload, and spread as a bio-weapon. While symptoms are somewhat similar to those of other plagues, those infected with the Thrassian Plague often experience an insatiable hunger, regularly partaking in food binges.

  • Precepts: Sload Opinion:
      Dictates what pawns, and factions, think of Sloads. Whether they get a mood debuff for being around one, a mood boost for killing one, or maybe even think that Sload are divine beings.
  • Precepts: Sload Thrall Opinion:
      Dictates whether the use of Sload Thralls is outlawed, preventing Sloads from creating them.
  • Precepts: Sload Leather Opinion:
      Dictates how pawns think of wearing Sload leather. Wether they hate it, or maybe enjoy it.
  • Precepts: Thrassian Plague:
      Dictates whether pawns are immune to the Thrassian Plague, or if they get a mood boost while being infected with it.
  • Meme: Sloadic Ways:
      A meme focused around the worship, to various degrees, of Sloads. Allows selecting several different levels of the aforementioned precepts.


20.05.22 (1.3)


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