Mod «[TMC] Royal Marine BDU Set» for Rimworld (v1.2 - 1.4)

[TMC] Royal Marine BDU Set

Lore stuffs

The population of the Rim discovered some blueprints and tech of the old world. A rifle that is fairly similar to the Assault Rifle they have been using but with a shorter barrel and comes with some extra attachments, there is also a set of combat uniforms and armor that was used by the " Royal Marine Commandos ", people could have mistaken that the Empire used this tech back then and are now spreading the tech among the planet.

Add Combat Uniform, Combat Armor Vest and Fast Raid Helmet ( FR Helmet for short) in BDU camo pattern. The armor and helmet can be crafted at the machining table while the uniform can be crafted at the tailoring table but only after Flak Armor is researched.

A the Colt Canada C8 " The Brit " , crafted at the machining table.

TMC Armory are mods about weapons and apparel for industrial and (Soon...) spacer era with the focus on "tacticool-ness". The weapons can be used with Combat Extended or any weapons from the Vanilla Expanded mods since the stats are based around how their mods are balanced.


Q : Is this save compatible ?
A : Yes it is. You can add it midsave.

Q : Is it compatible with Combat Extended ?
A : Yes . This mod is CE compatible by default.

Q : Where can I find these ?
A : You can find them in the machining table and tailoring table after researching Flak Armor.

File info

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