Mod «Pyramid Heads Helmet» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)

Pyramid Heads Helmet

The pyramid helmet is a symbol of pain and punishment in some long forgotten cultures of the rimworld, some believing it to represent one's inner demons encasing the wearer in spikes of torment. Those cultures would supposedly actually put this helmet on prisoners that have committed grievous atrocities. Although this large sluggish helmet doesn't have any spikes inside of it, it can offer decent protection of the head and even a bit of the upper chest.

Adds in a fancy new helmet, that is obscenely heavy, and rather uncomfortable to wear. Those wearing it will have their movement slowed, and sight limited, and the weight of the helmet will inflict a small amount of pain. Slaves wearing it will have their suppression increased, making them less likely to rebel.

The helmet itself provides protection to the entirety of the head, as well as the neck and both shoulders.

It is made at the smithing table, and requires 60 steel to craft.

The great knife is of unknown origin and shows both remarkable yet crude craftsmanship. It may seem impractical, but it can be quite a dangerous weapon in the right hands. It swings incredibly slowly but if it hits, it can cause immense damage. It is assumed that the great knife originates from the same culture as the pyramid helmet, where the knife was more likely used as a form of execution for prisoners rather than as a combat weapon.

Adds in the great knife, and enormous knife capable of slicing through pawns with ease, assuming you can actually lift it. While capable of inflicting great damage, the great knife sports a lengthy cooldown, leaving the wielder vulnerable after each strike.

It is made at the smithing table, requires 80 steel to craft, and is unlocked by the long blades research.

Questions you may have:
  • Does this work with CE? No idea, ask CE not us.
  • Will there be more? If people like this mod, Kropolis may decide to add more.
  • The helmet gets cut off a bit? VE Frameworks texture caching setting should fix this.
  • My knife doesn't look very great? A version of Oversized Weapons by Jecrall is included. if that doesn't seem to do the job, then try enabling Jecs Tools, or Enable Oversized Weapons.

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