Mod «Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Production» for Rimworld (v1.0 - 1.4)

Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Production

Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Production module, is an ideal mod to fill that late game hole in production. Once you set up your vanilla workstations with tool cabinets scattered everywhere, you essentially got as far as you possibly can. This carefully designed, vanilla-fitting mod adds a new layer to workstation layout, hopefully allowing players to create manufacturing-designated rooms instead of one massive room with all the workbenches.

This mod introduces 6 new linkables, adding powerful work speed boosts but only linking to the particular type of a table. They stack with tool cabinets!

New, electric version of workbenches that were previously only available as manual stations - stone cutting, butchering and drug production now upgraded with the power of electricity.

Component assembly, which is a small version of a fabrication bench that allows only for components to be crafted. A fueled smelter, for early game colonies that have stockpiles of metal slags and no research to smelt them - now accessible with smithing research.

Most importantly, a new Manufacturing research unlocking several new, massive workbenches. Whilst they take up enough space to deserve their own dedicated crafting room, they provide 1.5x work speed bonus! In addition to that, Large Stove allows you to cook meals in bulk!

Thanks to clever coding, these workbenches will work with modded recipes, all of them in fact, as long as you load this mod as low in the mod order as possible!

RequiresVanilla Expanded Framework

20.10.22 (1.0-1.4)


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