Mod «Medical IVs» for Rimworld (v1.0 - 1.4)

Medical IVs

Medical IV's aims to further improve your healthcare quality by adding IV drips (Intraveneous Therapy). So far the mod adds 6 different IVs; a blood transfusion that reduces a colonist's bleed rate, a nutritional drip which pauses an immobile colonist's food need, a painkiller drip which numbs all of a colonist's pain, an antibiotic drip which improves a colonist's blood filtration and thus their immunity gain speed, an anesthetic drip which keeps a pawn in a medically induced coma and finally a glitterworld drip that combines the functionality of the painkiller, antibiotic and blood drip. Additionally, each drip will provide boosts to both medical tend quality and surgery success chance when placed adjacent to a hospital bed.

How to Use

All of the IVs will function when placed adjacent to any bed or sleeping spot. They will provide the health benefits to all pawns that are in a bed and directly above, below, left or right of the IV but not if they're diagonal from it. The 6 drips are based on the Vitals Monitor and as such each machine should be placed adjacent to any hospital bed for the medical offsets to work - this means that tend quality and other bed quality benefits will only work for hospital beds.


15.07.22 (1.0-1.3)


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