Mod «Artillery Gun» for Rimworld (v1.2 - 1.4)

Artillery Gun

Have you ever had every single shell in a mortar barrage fail to hit even a single target? Are you tired of the accuracy of the mortar? Well, then you're in luck. This mod seeks to remedy this problem, by introducing a new long-range, highly accurate weapon; The Artillery Gun.


This weapon is a new 45-kilo heavy set of military equipment that in the same way as mortars lobs projectiles great distances and over walls. However, in comparison to mortars, the artillery gun has far greater precision and range, with a forced miss radius of only 5, meaning a direct hit chance of 1.2%, compared to the mortars forced missed radius of 10 and direct hit chance of only 0.19%.

This added accuracy comes at a price, however, with the artillery gun taking 40 seconds to reload and 6 seconds to aim, which is significantly longer than its mortar counterpart. It is also more limited in engaging targets at closer range.

This new weapon requires research to be done before it can be built. A new research project with a base cost of 2500 has been added, building upon research made on mortars.


Please also be aware that another challenge accompanies this weapon. The lust for greater firepower and dominance aren't only limited to your colonists, as other factions across the Rim seek to use this weapon against you themselves. The artillery gun is available to all factions, and will frequently be used against you in sieges by enemy factions. Be prepared.

With all this said, this seems like a good time to mention that this weapon does not exclude a use for mortars. It is not a straight upgrade. With mortars having increased rate of fire and a closer engagement distance at the cost of accuracy, they are still a viable piece of equipment to have in any artillery formation.

Combat Extended Compatible

15.03.22 (1.2-1.3)


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