Mod «VFME - Caravan Packs!» for Rimworld (v1.1 - 1.4)

VFME - Caravan Packs!

Caravan Packs! is your simple solution to expanding your choice on what animals can be used in caravans! We added packs to every animal that made sense to us, from Core to over a dozen mods.

Enjoy pack support for 23 animals* from the base game and 50+ more** from the mods below!

Recommended mods:


Arctic Wolf, Caribou, Cougar, Cow, Deer, Elk, Gazelle, Goat, Grizzly Bear, Husky, Ibex, Labrador Retriever, Lynx, Megasloth, Panther, Pig, Polar Bear, Rhino, Sheep, Thrumbo, Timber Wolf, Warg, & Wild Boar.


Anima Animals:
Anima Bear, Anima Thrumbo, Anima Warg, Anima Yak
ReGrowth - Wasteland Animals:
Deathclaw, Mutated Bear, Rimstag
ReGrowth - Extinct Animals:
Protoceratidae, Woolly Rhino, Arctic Drak, Woolly Mammoth
Android Tiers:
K-9, M.U.F.F Unit, N.Solution Unit, Phytomining Unit
VFE Insectoids: Vat-Grown Gigascorpion, Gigawig, Megacricket, Megaspider, Milkbeetle, Spelopede, Spiderweaver, Titanbeetle, Worker Ant
VFE Vikings: Fenrir, Lothurr, Njörun, Wolfhound, Wooly Cow
VAE Core: See below VAE entries[/td]
VAE Arid Shrubland: Cheetah, Coyote, Giraffe, Hippopotamus
VAE Australia: Kangaroo
VAE Boreal Forest: Arctic Coyote & Black Bear
VAE Cats & Dogs: German Shepherd, Great Dane, Maine ♥♥♥♥, Poodle, Rottweiler, Welsh Terrier
VAE Caves: Cave Bear, Wyrm
VAE Desert: Hyena & Lion
VAE Endangered Animals:
African Wild Dog, Black-Footed Ferret, Black Rhinoceros, Bonobo, Moa, Giant Panda, Quagga, Rockhopper Penguin, Tasmanian Devil, Thylacine
VAE Ice Sheet: Penguin, Seal, Walrus
VAE Tropical Rainforest: Gorilla, Jaguar, Mandrill, Tapir, Tiger
VAE Tundra: Megawolverine, Moose, Musk Ox
Erin's Palamutes: Palamutes

Q: Is this mod complete?
A: Yes and no. Yes, everything we want to do works, and we've supported all the mods we set out to. No, we may still sporadically add support for new mods.

Q: Save game compatible?
A: Safe to add. Not safe to remove unless none of the animals touched by this mod are currently in caravan mode (loading, travelling, unloading).

Please note: some animals we support packs for have rather slow movement speed and will slow down your caravans. However, we wanted to extend options to players in difficult biomes with limited animals.

  • We are currently done with this mod, with no further planned content additions. We may still add some down the road.

  • The pack textures on some animals, including the Lynx, display incorrectly if you are not playing with "Vanilla Textures Expanded". We strongly recommend but do not require this mod.

  • For best results, load this after any mod we support. Caravan Packs will automatically ask to be below any known conflicts, such as Barky's Caravan Dogs & Warg Pack.

  • We did not experience any errors regardless of load order with any other mod, including Giddy-Up. Do let us know in the comments if you experience any errors!

  • Visiting traders will not use any animals we've added support for unless designated to by another mod. We considered adding this, but due to the way trader caravans are spawned it never worked as intended.


  • Added support for 1.4.
  • Added support for new Vanilla Animals Expanded - Core mod.
  • Pre-empted support for new ReGrowth updates - currently, Wasteland and Extinct Animals are not supported in the 1.4 version of this mod.

File info

  • Added by: NeoRider
  • Author: PlayIgel
  • Mod version: 08.10.2022
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 9.3 mb
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