Mod «Metal Gear REX» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Metal Gear REX

Based on the iconic mech from the Metal Gear Solid Franchise

Metal Gear REX was a bipedal tank developed in the early 2000's by DARPA and ArmsTech in secret for the US Army. It had the capability of delivering an untraceable and undetectable nuclear warhead anywhere on the planet via it's revolutionary railgun delivery system.

Unlike the original, this version of Metal Gear REX does not have any nuclear armaments.

  • Dual 30mm Cannons
    A pair of rotary cannons that work well against infantry
  • AT Missiles
    Laser guided Anti-Tank missiles launched from REX's knees which home in on the user's crosshair. They work well against armored targets.
  • FE-Laser
    A 100 MW laser cannon capable of shredding infantry and armored targets with sustained fire.
  • Railgun
    While not nuclear capable, this armament is capable of damaging heavily armored targets as well as airborne targets given good marksmanship.

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