Skin «American Union Skins» for Ravenfield (Build 25)

American Union Skins

Behold, skins of the Kaiserreich universe. Finally, all those Hearts of Iron 4 nerds have a reason to migrate to Ravenfield; so they can simulate the boots-on-the-ground of the massive and in-depth mod that rivals even the greats, such as Equestria at War and Furry Stalin. So like basically these are Boche-backed Yankees after they had a second Civil War or something. I don't know.

With this fancy, handy-dandy addon; you get three different skins to screw around with:


  • American Unionist
    • He runs around with an M1 helmet and some American webbing. He has some cool buckled shoes, too!
  • American Unionist Stahlhelm
    • He's the spitting image of the above man, but with a helmet supplied by ol' Jerry.
  • American Unionist Green Webbing
    • He's like the first guy, but with that cool-looking web gear the US made for a short period of time when transitioning from khaki to OD green. Probably not very historically accurate but whatevsies, I wanted to make it so I did!

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