Skin «[WW2 Collection] Early Polish Skin» for Ravenfield (Build 23)

[WW2 Collection] Early Polish Skin

Y'know, after completing that early war German soldier, I figured it only necessary to create a Polish soldier to go along with him; and so here we are! He garners the very fancy collar insignia Poland was known for; why did you disband it! It was glorious! Anyways, yeah, here he is in all his Poland-y glory - perhaps his country was lost on the map, but it forever remained in his heart until his love grew so strong it decided to strike forth and regain its strength once more. Probably, anyways.


  • Polish Infantry

Facts about the uniform:

  • Wz. 36 Jacket in a material only the Poles know how to produce: szewiot
    • Evidently they are also the only known people to be able to pronounce such a word
  • Wz. 31 steel helmet - mostly because I thought they'd bear too much resemblance to the French with an adrian design. Now they look like a Frenchman in the Red Army!
  • Super epic Wz. 19 infantry collar tabs, for the rank of private
  • Mixed with love and the aid of some Polish folks

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