Skin «Revamped Russian Napoleonic Skins» for Ravenfield (Build 20)

Revamped Russian Napoleonic Skins

Perhaps the second or third most fan-boyed group of the Napoleonic era was surely the Russians. While they suffered terribly during battles such as Austerlitz and the opening stages of that short, baguette-eating guy's invasion of their Motherland, they held through and managed to break him. Until he came back for revenge some years later, and then got broken by some other guys wearing red and blue coats. That's right, the green-jacketed Russian soldiers of the Napoleonic era. While there aren't as many skins as my other revamps, that's mostly because I'm not really in the mood to make them; rest assured at some point within the next decade or so you will see cossacks, dragoons, cuirassiers, and others in the pack.


  • Russian Grenadier
    • A Russian soldier sporting the classy - and arguably best military headpiece by looks - mitre cap. Styled after the famous Pavlovski Grenadiers.
  • Russian Infantry - Late
    • Just a generic Russian infantryman sporting the 1811-patterned shako.
  • Russian Jager
    • Many Jagers were, from what I've read, issued smoothbore muskets due to their ease of reloading, rather than the more accurate rifled muskets seen in use by their British and Prussian counterparts. Based on the 4th Jager Regiment.
  • Russian Hussar
    • The uniform this one is based on is the Soum Hussars, though the sabertache and stuff may not be accurate. I really lack well-researched plates or information on Russian stuff of the period.
  • Russian Partisan
    • Your typical farmer who was given, at most, a short musket and told to shoot at the guys wearing blue.

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