Basements for Project Zomboid (v41.x)


Basements are here!

Whether you want to make your own shelter, storage room, or fancy underground living room, we've all wanted to have a basement in PZ at one time or another.

This mod brings them into the game in a fully customizable way!


  • Basements in 3 different sizes: Small, medium and large!
  • Individual electrical panel that provides electricity!
  • Over 152 basement locations, plenty for multiplayer!
  • Journals you must read to unlock the basement building!
  • Do what you want with your basement!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Does this work in multiplayer?
Of course it does! Just remember to turn on the Perth map and turn off Anti-Cheat Type 3.

Does it work with existing saves?
At the moment the mod does not work with existing saves!

Is the mod compatible with [...]?
This mod should be fully compatible with any other mods at this time.
If that ever changes, I'll include a link here where you can check for incompatible mods.

How do you build a basement?
You will need to find and read the appropriate "In the Basement" magazine of the size of the basement you want to build.
Additionally, you will need a hammer and shovel, as well as enough boards, nails, hinges, and a doorknob.

Where to build a basement?
At this point, only inside structures. You can have 1 basement per structure. (e.g. house, building, etc.).
Unfortunately, buildings created by players do not count.

Can I destroy basements?
Basements are permanent! Once you build them, you can't go back.

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