MI-24 for People Playground


The Mi-24 family of helicopters is a whole generation of Soviet-Russian attack helicopters developed by OKB M. L. Mil. The informal name is Crocodile. The Mi-24 became the first Soviet (European) and the second in the world (after the AH-1 "Cobra") specialized combat helicopter. Serial production began in 1971. It has many modifications, exported to many countries of the world. It was actively used during the years of the Afghan war (where it received its baptism of fire), in the war in Ukraine, during the fighting in Chechnya, as well as in many regional conflicts.

1) press (N) to start the engine
2) press (U,J) to lower or raise the helicopter
3) press (M) to retract landing gear
4) press (Y,H) to tilt the plane
5) press (I,L) to open the cockpit and troop compartment

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