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Volatol - A strategic nuclear bomber based on the real aircraft of the Royal Air Force of Great Britain, Avro Vulcan. Equipped with two turrets, an Infrared countermeasure and a Yellow Sun mk.1 Nuclear Warhead. It has good speed and a spacious cabin, albeit without a cargo compartment. The game is deprived of popularity, due to the extreme vulnerability to damage and the high price. Sold at Warstock: Cache & Carry for between $2,800,000 and $3,724,000

Flight instruction:

Put the plane clearly on the surface, or spawn it in the air.
Turn on the rocket engines, and send the plane up by pressing K.
Fold landing gear after takeoff to ;
K - to turn up, L - to turn down, on the way, if possible, reset nukе to B.
To land, disengage thrust on M, start descending on L, release landing gear; and level the plane itself on the ground, using the letters K/L (enable/disable the stabilizer)


"M" - Turn on the rocket engine.
"L" - Decline.
"K" - Climb.
":" - Fold/unfold the chassis.
"B" - Drop a nuclear warhead.
"/" - Reset Infared countermeasure.

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