BTR-80 for People Playground


It was created in the early 1980s as a further development of the BTR-70 armored personnel carrier, taking into account the shortcomings of the latter identified in the Afghan war, and was intended to replace it in motorized rifle troops. The BTR-80 entered mass production in 1984, and, having been repeatedly upgraded, as of 2012 is still in production. The latest modifications of the BTR-80, equipped with enhanced weapons, are classified by many experts as wheeled infantry fighting vehicles. It was used by Soviet troops in the Afghan war, and since the 1990s it has been the main armored personnel carrier of the Armed Forces of Russia and a number of other former Soviet republics and has been used in almost all major armed conflicts in the post-Soviet space. Actively supplied and exported; in total, as of 2011, the BTR-80 is in service with at least 26 states.

1) you can go to "B"
2) you can fire the cannon at "P"
3) you can open the landing hatch on "U"

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