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2C43 Malva

2S43 Malva self-propelled artillery unit

The gun of this machine has a caliber of 152 mm. As the base chassis the all-terrain vehicle of the Bryansk automobile plant BAZ-6010-027 with wheel arrangement 8×8, reminiscent of the VTS "Bastion", has been chosen. Like the 2S19 Msta-S 152-mm tracked self-propelled howitzer, the 2S43 Malva wheeled self-propelled gun uses the ballistics of the 2A64 product. This gun is fully perfected and has been in service with the Russian Army for many years.

To load the gun, you need to put the projectile in the breech and push it by pressing the button.

After you have loaded the gun, click on O to fire.

After the shot , the breech itself will move out .


O-fire from the main gun with a caliber of 152mm
I-turning the gun up.
K-turning the gun down.


M-forward movement.
N-reverse gear.

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