T-64BM "Bulat" for People Playground

T-64BM "Bulat"

But in 2005, it was decided to start modifying these T-64BVs to the level of the T-64BM Bulat. What are the main features?

The tanks were equipped with a new fire control system, a new gun stabilizer, and an engine with increased power up to 850 hp. (versus 700 hp for BV). But the most interesting thing is the new Kombat ATGMs (at that time they were superior in penetration to the Soviet Invar ATGMs, but slightly inferior to the Russian Invar-M), and the most interesting is the Knife dynamic protection.

1) you can fire machine guns at "O"
2) you can go to "B"
3) you can shoot from the cannon at "P"
4)you can stick mech-water out of the hatch on "I"

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