Su-25 "Grach" for People Playground

Su-25 "Grach"

The Su-25 ("Grach", product "T-8", NATO codification: Frogfoot) is a Soviet ground attack aircraft, an armored subsonic warplane.

The attack aircraft is designed for direct support of ground troops over the battlefield by day and night when it has a direct line of sight to the target as well as for destroying targets with given coordinates twenty-four hours a day in any weather conditions. The Su-25 took off for the first time on February 22nd, 1975. The planes of this type have been in service since 1981, were involved in numerous military conflicts and will remain in the service of the Russian Air Force at least until 2020. On October 8, 2009, the Russian Defence Ministry announced the resumption of purchase of attack aircraft of this type for the Russian Air Forces.

1) to turn off the engine press "U"
2) to release the heat traps press "B"
3) to turn up the nose press "H"
4) to lower the nose press "Y".
5) to fire machine gun "P
6)to fire rockets "O"

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