Shapeshifter for People Playground


Adds Shapeshifter to the game.You can find it by searching its name

Includes following features:
* Through touch, shapeshifters steal powers and looks from other characters.
* Right click the shapeshifter to abandon current skin and power.
* The shapeshifter's stolen skin slowly decays and when it is 90% decayed, the shapeshifter loses its stolen power.
* Characters who have their looks stolen lose their skin
* Shapeshifters can absorb human corpses.
* Shapeshifters show their true form when they burn, when they are corrupted by acid, when their stolen skin is completely rotten, when they are heavily shot and when they die
* Works for mod as well

Thank you for all your support. I will try to improve this mod.

Known issues:
bright material becomes too bright.
sometimes unable to get powers from mods using power framework.
It takes a long time to load, but I don't know how to fix that.

Sorry to forget to mention that the pheromone releaser function is still under development

  • Now the shapeshifter can only absorb the parts of a corpse that do not have skin.
  • Shapeshifter now inherits the rotten progress of stolen skins.
  • Added option to princess whether the pheromones are automatically released.

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