90s in Miami for People Playground

90s in Miami

This mod adds various crime gangs and weapons from 90s Miami.

This modification has:
1. Colombian mafia from the game "hotline miami"
2. Colombian mafia from real life
3. Russian mafia from the game "hotline miami"
4. SWAT from the game "GTA Vice City"
5. Miami Police
6. Street gang Zoe Pound
7. Tommy Vercetti from GTA Vice City, Tony Montana from the movie "Face with a scar"
8. Weapons from GTA Vice City and hotline miami, hm2
9. Character customization such as armor, helmet, goggles, mask, etc.
I will update this mod more than once because I really like it.
And a big thank you to @Mishanya for teaching me how to make cars.
As I have more time, I will make a couple of cars.
I also made by colors who uses what.

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