S2025: Republic of The British Isles for People Playground

S2025: Republic of The British Isles

This mod is the second mod about my (not really documented yet) 2025 lore, where economical issues and politics cause the collapse of the entire damn world.
This mod is about the Republic of The British Isles, a republic that was formed after Wale's coasts became a country, Scotland became a country, and the Irish Republican Army occupied Northern Ireland.
The British, now no longer a global superpower and pushed back to their homeland by recent events, now are embracing true democracy and are slowly getting rid of the constitutional monarchy to eventually become a federal republic.

Not as much as the first mod, but a lot still.

- The British Army and 2 National Guard subfactions.
- 12 humans.
- 27 pieces of wearable equipment.
- 21 firearms

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