A Crap Ton Of Damage (OD) for People Playground

A Crap Ton Of Damage (OD)

Tweaks a bunch of things, makes humans have several organs, adds a bunch of mechanics and makes humans spawn with random conditions.


Q: The mod doesnt work, it doesnt do anything
A: Make sure you have enabled the mod, and have its newest version.

Q: I cant see any organs.
A: They are not physical objects. If you dont see them in the context menu, go to question 1.

Q: I cant revive a human after he was shot, what do i do?
A: Make sure their organs are working, right click. I have to change this.

Q: The mod is broken, it doesnt want to load.
A: I have never seen that before. Try resubscribing, and if that doesnt work, dm me a screenshot of the error on discord (my tag is in my profile description).


- It changes the blood physics, making humans much more resilient to blood loss.

- The mentioned before conditions are spawn buffs/debuffs, like being old, strong, damaged etc.

- Organs are a WIP, but the heart, lungs, liver and the brain work already. Organs can be damaged by impacts, stabs or gunshots, and can give the person debbufs / kill them. You can see the organ's condition in the detail view, the more red they have, the more damaged they are.

- Some of the new mechanics include bone breaking on gunshots, brain damage that can cause seizures, suffocating when in severe pain,or paralysis when the spine is broken.

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