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S.C.P. Foundation Expanded

The SCP Foundation is a secret organisation receiving funds from nearly every government in the world to secure very dangerous anomalies. Their anomalies, formally called SCPs are to be protected at all costs and to be isolated from the public. But the Foundation has many enemies. The Chaos Insurgency wants to weaponize the anomalies to advance technologically for the better of humanity, and the goal of Global Occult Coalition founded by United Nations is to destroy every anomaly that there is. Will you help the foundation, or turn it into ashes?

This mod needs the S.C.P Foundation Mod.


➼ ACR Assault Rifle
➼ Logicer Assault Rifle
➼ KRISS Vector (already in vanilla game)
➼ Project 90 Machine Pistol
➼ Scar-H Assault Rifle
➼ Spas 12 Shotgun
➼ Micro H.I.D.
➼ ALPHA Nuclear Warhead


➼ SCP-096 "The Shy Guy"
- Has some regenerative abillities
➼ SCP-173 "The Sculpture"
- Can crush a human's limbs
➼ SCP-682 "Hard-To-Destroy Reptile"
- Can also crush a human's limbs
➼ SCP-007 "Abdominal Planet"
- Just a guy with a planet.
➼ SCP-066 "Eric's Toy"
- Can play music, just like a jukebox
➼ SCP-049 "Plague Doctor"
- Can kill a human with a touch
➼ SCP-073 "Cain"
- Able's Brother, likes humans
➼ SCP-076 "Able"
- Cain's Brother, hates humans
➼ SCP-999 "The Tickle Monster"
- It's the cutest thing on Earth
➼ SCP-79 "Old AI"
- A powerful, sentient machine
➼ SCP-106 "The Old Man"
- Decomposes humans in a ~2 meter radius
➼ SCP-035 "Possesive Mask"
- Doesn't do anything, but looks cool ;D
➼ SCP-966 "Sleep Killer"
- Only visible in Infrared
➼ SCP-012 "A Bad Composition"
- Makes you finish it using your own blood
➼ SCP-3008-2 "Infinite Ikea Employee"
- The store is now closed, please head to the exit
➼ SCP-131 "Eye Pods"
- Useful when cleaning 173's room
➼ SCP-939 "With Many Voices"
- Can kill a human with one bite
➼ SCP-2317 "Devourer of Worlds"
- A giant pinned to a wall using chains
➼ SCP-729-J "Beep Beep Motherf*cker"
- The strongest, and scariest SCP out there!!!


➼ Omega-7, Epsilon-11, Beta-7, Alpha-1, Nu-7, Tau-5 (Samsara) Mobile Task Force Variants
➼ Improved Security and Internal Security Departments
➼ E-Class Personnel
➼ Chaos Insurgency Military Personnel (Delta, Gamma and Beta ranks)
➼ Chaos Insurgency IRUC Department
➼ Global Occult Coalition Physics Division
➼ Global Occult Coalition Ptolemy Division
➼ Doctor (member of the Research Personel)
➼ TheRubber himself
➼ Dr. Cimmerian is here too!
➼ Intelligence Agency Member (with cool and fashionable fedora)
➼ Site Director (Administrative Department)
➼ Manufacturing Department Member
➼ Logistics Department Member
➼ Engineering and Technical Service Department Member
➼ Member of the O5 Council


➼ Noctovisor and Scramble Goggles
➼ Keycards (from LvL1 to LvL5)
➼ CI Helmets
➼ GOC Helmets
➼ More Helmets
➼ Body armor such as Kevlar vest, kneepads and more!
➼ CI Markings (you can put them on D-Class)
➼ The Containment Breach Alarm Siren


➼ Clean White Concrete Walls
➼ Office Sector Concrete Walls
➼ Sector I Concrete Walls
➼ Sector II Concrete Walls
➼ Sector III Concrete Walls

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  • Added by: TOP-Mods
  • Author: OzimekPL
  • Mod version: 09.07.21
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 27.5 mb
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