SCP Foundation [MOD] for People Playground

SCP Foundation [MOD]

This mod adds some characters from the SCPF staff, some cosmetics and multiple firearms.

List of items included in this mod:

  • Doctor Bob (notice me senpai)
  • Mobile Task Force Personnel
  • Security Personnel
  • HAZMAT Personnel
  • Medical Personnel
  • Researcher
  • Janitor
  • D-Class Personnel

  • G-17B2
  • G-17B3 [LL]
  • G-17ESG
  • G-17L
  • M4A1

  • Light duty kevlar vest
  • Heavy duty plate carrier
  • Pelvis Protector
  • LvL3 Helmet
  • Ballistic Glasses (You can customise the color!)
  • Class A PPE Suit (HAZMAT Suit)

  • Utility Belt
  • FFP2 Mask

File info

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