Backrooms LeveL 0.7 for People Playground

Backrooms LeveL 0.7

Backrooms LeveL 0.7 - These are "Distorted Halls"


The map turned out to be very, very huge, it has 29 rooms in each room == about 1000 items so the whole building will consist of 31,000 thousand items (In the rooms == about 1200 objects). Therefore, this card is not recommended for weak PCs, but if you decide to download it, do it at your own risk.


When loading the map, many complained that there are a lot of mods, I hasten to console you, there is only 1 mod and this is Accurate Resize & Position, and the rest are my maps.

Level 0.7 (also known as "Distorted Halls" and "Dark Lobby") is a sublevel of level 0. However, it differs dramatically in appearance. This level is pitch black, just like level 6, but light sources will work here. The carpet shows dirty wooden floorboards underneath, and some wooden parts are missing, showing emptiness. The walls seem to have the same wallpaper as level 0, but are extremely dirty and worn. The walls stretch endlessly, seemingly without a roof, although some theorize that a roof exists. Rarely can light bulbs be found along the corridors. The wires, like the walls, stretch seemingly to infinity. The rooms here seem narrower than at level 0 and are described as "more hall-like".

At level 0.7 there are doors that, when opened, can lead to completely empty rooms or a black void. The void will kill the wanderers immediately after entering. Sometimes you can find old and torn furniture in empty rooms. They are said to look like broken 1960s furniture, usually covered in mold. If the furniture is a type of chair, it will disappear any time the wanderer tries to sit in it. The chair will appear in exactly 15 minutes. There is a small chance that you will be able to find items that are very useful in these rooms (Smiler spray, mobile phones, flashlights, three-barrel shotguns, Glock-17, etc.)

There is a certain area, which is the only one with a visible roof, which is similar to the area of the iconic level 0 photo.


  • The walls have become frighteningly yellow.
  • New monsters: Party boy, "Madness", Doors, Smiling.


  • A pit with spikes.
  • Mini city.
  • Funnel.

This contraption requires the following mods:

File info

  • Added by: TOP-Mods
  • Author: Dvulikin
  • Mod version: 22.06.22
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 2.9 mb
  • Source: Go to
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