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Titanfall Legion V1

Miniguns are not portable. Their weight prevents humans from wielding it. But where humans failed, mechs succeed. Evamp Industries admits that our latest project is the most ambitious and extensive we have ever conducted. Our experts have been able to efficiently produce a minigun of deadly force. Indeed, no other mech-operated minigun can be compared to the total destruction produced by our latest, the Legion Titan. A perfect combination of armour and mobility, the Legion’s major game-changer is its Predator Cannon, the integration of 8 miniguns into one weapon. Legion’s signature Predator Cannon is state-of-the-art technology, capable of achieving an overdrive 6000 rpm, surpassing conventional levels of rate of fire. The Predator Cannon also features a foldable shield that can absorb 30 millimetre projectiles. And if that’s not enough, the Predator Cannon has an alternative firing mode: Powershot. When activated, the Predator Cannon fires a short burst of explosive ammunition, which can easily penetrate a mech’s armour and critically injure the pilot. Go guns blazing with the Legion Titan, don’t delay, acquire yours today.


  • J=open and close cockpit (hold down to vent out steam from the back)
  • K=hold down to fire its minigun good against infantry
  • L=Powershot has a 2 second cooldown can penetrate light armour and seriously wound pilots
  • U=Hold angle gun is currently pointing (toggle on and off)
  • H=thruster module (toggle on and off)
  • P=Activate gun shield (toggle on and off)

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