Destructive Warfare for People Playground

Destructive Warfare

Destructive Warfare is a mod for People Playground that adds many weapons and humans to the game, it is a sequel to Advanced Forces and contains many upscaled textures from it.
The mod's storyline takes place in Saudi Arabia, a "terrorist" organisation called Muharibu Alhuriya is waging war against the UK and USA. Destroying the supply lines of oil to the west to cut costs for the country, due to this incident the SAS, Navy SEALS and Marine Corps have been sent into the country to hunt down and kill The Kingpin
This mod uses 2x textures, "What are 2x textures?" you might ask, well let me explain...
2x textures allow for more detailed models while still keeping the original People Playground artstyle. (Look at this photo to see the differences)

In total, this mod contains 35 items & humans.
Here's a list of every gun in this mod.
Barret M82
Remington V3 Field Sport
Glock 17
USP .45
Model 686 Revolver
Desert Eagle + Gold Skin
Combat Knife
+ a few weapons from updates

This mod also contains remastered versions of every human from Advanced Forces

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