Ps VAZ 2107 for People Playground

Ps VAZ 2107

The VAZ-2107 Zhiguli (LADA 2107) is a Soviet and Russian rear-wheel drive Group II small class car with a sedan type body. At the time of its debut in the hierarchy of Volga Automobile Plant models, it was considered the successor to the VAZ-2103[2]. It is one of the last representatives of the "VAZ classics", was produced at Volga Automobile Plant/AvtoVAZ from March 11, 1982 to April 17, 2012.
On this car you will bleed from the ears through the nasty creaking while driving, but that to eliminate it will be enough to go to the junkyard and scrap the car.
L - Headlights
M - Go forward
N - Going backwards.
I forgot to add the muffler.
211 objects
Destroyability is good

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can you add all of his car collection?