Police Station for People Playground

Police Station

This police station has 3 floors, each with a different purpose.
On the first floor is the reception area, the evidence files, and a small call center
Next, the steps to the second floor. On the second floor is the break room, the police armory,
and the video surveillance room. The third floor has cameras, an interrogation room and access to the roof.
On the roof are vents, a helipad, and an antenna.
The vases and some other items are collision-free to give you a more enjoyable time on this building.
I don't recommend spawning you a lot of people, it can affect the performance.
The building itself is quite large, so if you have a weak device, you may have FPS problems.

The building looks a little better than in the screenshots. Since they were done on a slightly older version.

Disable/disable collision on doors to open or close them.

Version: 1.26

Need for mods?: None.

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  • Author: Waevy
  • Mod version: 29.11.22
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