Mod «The Information Age 2018» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.10)

The Information Age 2018

The Information Age 2018 aims to become an immersive geopolitical simulator starting in 2018, aiming to balance sandbox and realism. The mod is heavily inspired by Geopolitical Simulator 4: Power & Revolution, and will introduce advanced political and economic mechanics, dynamic events, geographical changes, reworked graphics and more.

TIA 2018 also completely removes the national focus tree mechanic, instead aiming to replace their function with interactive mechanics, decisions, events and other gameplay functions. The focus tree mechanic is simply too linear and restrictive for what this mod is trying to become. TIA 2018 is a mod of innovation, meaning that we are ready to think outside the box, and embrace ideas that no other mod has ever done.

Current Features (all Work in Progress):

  • TIA 2018 starts on January 1st, 2018.
  • Heavy changes to the in-game map, including a completely reworked heightmap, completely reworked terrain, accurate cores and claims, and heavy modifications to states and provinces.
    Large amount of flavor news events, including everything from Eurovision Song Contest and the Olympics to school shootings and terror attacks, truly showing how many sides to this world there are.
  • Many unique political and economic mechanics such as the Parliament, coalition governments, and an economy mechanic.
  • A few of the conflicts currently going on in our world, such as the Syrian and Yemeni Civil Wars
  • Many unique political and geopolitical events and decisions to make the game move forward, such as party leadership elections, unique foreign policy decisions, Brexit and more.
  • In-progress reworks to technology and units.
  • Heavy buffs to nuclear weapons both functionally and graphically as a deterrent to world war, just like in real life.
  • A complete new soundtrack for the game, fully replacing the vanilla songs.
  • A few new generic unit models.
  • And much more!


  • Upgraded to Hearts of Iron IV v.1.11.10
  • Directly linked building slots to infrastructure level
  • If only North/South Korea exists, the other one's cores are automatically removed

Bug Fixing/Tweaks

  • Tweaked the frequency of the coup events
  • SADR/Western Sahara now needs to control the Moroccan part as well in order to apply to the United Nations
  • Tweaked & fixed many ideological country names


  • Map rework for Germany, Uganda, Solomon Islands, Iraq, Nepal (+ added the Kalapani disputed territory), Croatia
  • Added the "Malaita" province of the Solomon Islands as a releasable tag
  • Added the Zapatista rebels in Mexico
  • Changed the country tag of East Turkestan from "SIK" to "ETS"


  • Political rework for Jordan, Greenland, Crimea, Bulgaria, Mexico, Uganda, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Croatia, Timor-Leste, Tibet, Luxembourg
  • Decisions to deal with the Zapatista rebels in Mexico
  • Added event for "Shitholegate"
  • Added decision and events for Trump attempting to buy Greenland
  • Added decisions to switch recognition between Republic of China & People's Republic of China + opinion modifiers


  • Continued work on land and naval orders of battle


  • Added 5 new generic portraits
  • Updated many national spirit and law icons
  • Changed the color of the diplomatic screen to better show black party logos


  • Integrated the Better Sounds mod

Version 22.03.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.9)

  • Update to game version 1.11.9


Version 15.01.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.4)

  • Minor tweaks


Version 02.10.19 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.7.1)

  • Important fixes, cleanup and deleting, not savegame compatible;
  • Major map changes;
  • New government management window.


Version 16.08.19 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.7.1)


File info

  • Added by: TOP-Mods
  • Author: Generalis
  • Mod version: 22.04.22
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 542.4 mb
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