Mod «Escalation '84 (EAW)» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.1 - 1.12.11)

Escalation '84 (EAW)

“Oh god... Please... Tell me this is a bad dream...” NORAD operator 1982


Two military exercise of big scales and border incidents lead to the unthinkable. In less than a month the world is only a ghost of its former self.


Two years later...
As the nuclear winter is approaching, the remnant of human civilization desperately tries to flee earth using one-way dimensional portal. Hoping to find a habitable place and peace.

This submod aims to add three brand new human nations in the mod Equestria at war.

As a human nation you start with virtually nothing, Isolated, you start with no industry and your army disintegrate on your arrival. Your peoples are sick, hungry, and have no shelter.

You will be surrounded by nation that will react differently with your arrival... ranging from compassion... To menace.

With that, a war on the horizon, civil wars around you, and finally... an unfinished business with the other Human’s countries.
...Peace may not be for today.

So... what’s in this submod?

  • 3 New nations
  • 3 Fully playable National focus
  • Ground and air Equipment have all name and a custom picture
  • Custom voice
  • 40 new commanding officer
  • 26 new soundtracks
  • New custom events and ideas

Reminder: To play this you will need Equestria at War.


-Why Equestria at war?
I could have simply made a cold-war-gone-hot mod on the base game, but in my opinion Cold war: The iron Curtain mod is much better
Introducing those nations into Equestria at war, gave me opportunity to have a first-contact scenario (something that I like), working on a great mod with many possibilities available. This gave me a lot of experience for my first-time into modding.

-What are the playable Nations?
There are currently three country playable, all placed at different place in the world.
The Soviet Union, The United States of America and the Union of European Nations.

-Do you have plan for future update
Yes, but I can’t say more, the KGB is listening to me right now.

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