Mutator «Team Voices 3.0» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Team Voices 3.0

I'm back with a new voice mod for you all. This one is very different from the old ones though. This mutator by itself has no voice clips on its own. Instead it reads from smaller voice pack mutators which you can assign to one team or both. These voice packs will then be read by the main mutator and play clips when necessary. This way, voice packs created by creators can be mixed and matched with voice packs from other creators!

Currently this mutator supports these reactions:

  • Kill
  • Death
  • Directional Callouts
  • Friendly Fire (from player only)
  • Win
  • Defeat
  • Point Captured
  • Point Lost
  • Capturing Point
  • Control Taken
  • Control Lost
  • Control Tied
Setting Up
  • In the list of mutators you'll find the Team Voices: Eagle and Team Voices: Raven mutators. Simply turn these on, and tweak the settings as you see fit.
  • Find the voice packs you want to use and turn them on as well. Assign them to a team, or both if you want.
  • Play a match! The main mutators will handle the rest!

This mod already comes with these packs:

  • Modern American Soldier
  • Modern Scottish Soldier


  • Ability To Read
  • Fixes

07.01.22 (b.26)


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