Mod «Anbeeld's Revision of AI» for Victoria 3 (v1.0.x)

Anbeeld's Revision of AI

About this mod

Anbeeld's Revision of AI aka ARoAI is a mod that focuses on making AI in Victoria 3 as strong as possible without giving it any unfair bonuses, ideally with things looking natural in order to not break player immersion.

Currently this mod mostly affects economy. Fully custom script is used for AI construction of buildings with vanilla algorithm being suppressed. Things are rough around the edges as the game just released, but already it heavily improves economy development of AI countries, and future updates will further optimize it. The same script may be used by players in their countries for autobuild purposes through a decision, with game rule added to prohibit this if you want so.

I took vanilla AI screenshots from different playthroughs due to time limitations, but they were chosen without any specific cherry picking and should reflect general performance level.

Future plans include tweaks of AI diplomacy and warfare, along with many minor improvements.

Game rules

AI Research

A system them allows AI to focus on some crucial technologies, again without any cheating, as it uses an actual amount of innovation points the country has. There are three options:

  • "Default" only helps with stuff like Nationalism for German and Italian states.
  • "Railroaded" ensures countries without Academia and Railways technologies will prioritize them, which greatly improves speed of development in many cases. Even some of the great and major European powers don't have Railways at the start of the game, not even talking about unrecognized countries, so take it if you want even more developed world.
  • "Disabled" deactivates the system completely.

AI Autobuild

Allows to fully prohibit the usage of Autobuild system by players, which may be important in multiplayer games to make things more fair.


Should work well with saves both without the mod and between it's versions, outside of stuff like adaptation periods where ARoAI will try to fix the situation it inherited from vanilla AI.

Obviously won't work with other AI mods, although Improved Automation is perfectly fine for example, as ARoAI doesn't affect Auto Expand.

Mods with new buildings will work, but AI won't build all the new stuff. Currently looking for a solution to avoid this, will create compatibility patches for the most popular mods of this type in case of no solution found.


  • Special thanks to Glavius and savior for inspiring me to become an AI modder.
  • Feedback is welcomed! Planning to improve this further and further.

File info

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  • Author: Anbeeld
  • Mod version: 28.10.22
  • File format: ZIP
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