AI AT-AT for Teardown


The All Terrain Armored Transport is an assault walker used by Imperial ground forces to blast through enemy lines with its sheer mass and firepower and deploy a platoon of crack assault troops.

The thick armor plating on the AT-AT will deflect or absorb anything but the heaviest turbolaser weaponry. Standing over 22 meters (72 ft) tall, the AT-AT is as much a weapon of terror as anything else, and its mere presence is often enough to intimidate the local populace into obedience. Its prodigious height also helps the walker see over obstacles and provides a clear line of sight for its weaponry, carried in its heavily armored head. A pair of Class II heavy laser cannons mounted in the head's "chin" can be fired in quick succession or simultaneously for a single, power blast, and can engage targets from many kilometers away; on either side of the "temples" are mounted medium repeating blasters and targeting rangefinders.

Once you are playing, hit the Esc/pause button and look for the Spawn option at the bottom. Click this to find a menu of available items and choose which one you want to put in the game.

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