9K330 "Tor" for Teardown

9K330 "Tor"

9K330 Tor self-propelled short range SAM system, known in the West as the SA-15 Gauntlet. Get on the vehicle, press "P" to enable/disable radar scanning, hold "Z/X" to rotate turret, press "+/-" to switch among detected targets and click RMB (right mouse button) to launch homing missile towards locked target.

Once you've turned on the radar, it will keep working even if you're not onboard, which means you may lock target and launch missiles by remote as if you're on Tor.

The demo scene has already included several vehicles for radar showcase. Any vehicles (including planes) spawned by player will also be detected as targets.

1. This is still a Work-In-Progress project and spawning is currently not supported.
2. The "Flying Planes + Spawning" mod by @Cheejins in dependency list is optional unless you want to spawn planes and test the anti-aircraft functionality.


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  • Author: wu_dl
  • Mod version: 06.10.22
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